ActiveSlate Registration

To use your ActiveSlate you need to register the Slate to the hub that was included with it.

Directions are included in the box and you can click on the link below to see the document.

1) Open the ActivInspire software
2) Plug in the ActiveHub to a USB port on the computer connected to the board. (it may take a few moments to complete connecting)
3) Open the Browser Menu and click on the Voting broswer (last icon to the right)
4) Click on the first icon in the ActivExpression devices menu
5) Click on the ActivHub in the Device Registration window
6) Click on the ActivSlate picture and the click on the Register button
7) Turn on the slate using the orange button on the top edge
8) With your ActivPen click on the orange flame on the face of the ActivSlate
9) The LCD screen displays the letters PIN... enter the letters from the display on the computer screen
10) On the computer screen or Promethean Board, click Finish.
11) The LCD screen on the slate displays REGISTERED..

You can now use your ActivSlate.

Click here to view the User Guide that came with the slate.