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Promethean Training for Philip O. Berry Staff

Promethean Training for Teachers That Want To Make an Interactive Experience For Students



Know your way around the board
  • Connections
  • Computer Monitor Settings
  • Pens (Single and Dual user)
  • Questions
Working with presentations you already have
  • Importing from PowerPoint
  • Using Prezi?
  • Using Discovery Ed

Working with worksheets you already have
  • Importing PDFs
  • Annotating group projects

Working with resources in the resource browser
  • Finding Resources
  • Adding Your Own
  • Getting resources from other programs
  • Drag and drop text into Inspire
  • Camera Tool

Programming Objects
  • Actions
  • Movement
  • Containers/Restrictions

What's Next?
  • Why do you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom room?
  • Do students use the board?
  • Can student create flipcharts and screencasts?
  • Would students benefit from knowing the skills you use in preparing a lesson?