Phase II – IWB Microsoft Grant
Foreign Language, Music, Art and Health

Grant Application Requirements
  • Only teachers from the following schools may apply: Marie G. Davis (9-12 only), E.E. Waddell, East Mecklenburg, Garinger High Schools, Harding, Independence, Olympic High Schools, Phillip O. Berry, Rocky River*, Turning Point(9-12 only) , Vance, West Charlotte, and West Mecklenburg.
  • Only teachers in the following content areas may apply: Foreign Language, Music, Art and Health
  • Applications must be submitted by a pair of full-time teachers from the same school, teaching the same or related content area(s). The grant must be emailed to by only one of the pair.
  • The pair applying for the grant is required to complete the application together and continue to work as a team if awarded. Grants are awarded to pairs of teachers each receiving a board and other equipment.
  • An applicant may pair with a teacher who already has the technology in their classroom (only one board will be awarded)
  • Applicants must be able to complete training by the end of 1st semester, 2011.
  • Applications must be emailed and received by Wednesday, May 24, 2010.
  • Grant winners and the school’s principal will be required to sign a Statement of Assurances Page once winners have been announced.
  • Grant winners must complete a total of fifteen hours of interactive whiteboard training in the form of face to face group training and individual lesson planning sessions (1.5 CEUs). Training dates will be posted on the Wiki.
Applications not received by the due date will not be considered.
Results will be posted on the Promethean Wiki on June 1, 2010.
If you have submitted an application in the past you must use this document to apply!!!
Section I
School Name
School Address _
Grant applicant (1)
Subject area _ Grade
Grant applicant (2)
Subject area _ Grade

Are you currently using a presentation cart with a computer, projector, speakers, and/or cart in your classroom?

Applicant 1 _yes _no Applicant 2 _yes _no

Have you used an interactive whiteboard previously?

Applicant 1 _yes _no If yes, where?

Applicant 2
_yes _no If yes, where?
Section II
You may take as much room to respond as you like; do not feel restricted by the space available on this page. You may expand each section as needed.

Goals and Objectives- List up to 4 per teacher
Objectives should be stated in measurable terms to determine student and/or staff gains and improved quality in instruction as a result of the use of the interactive whiteboards and address the following:

  • What goals or objectives would you like to accomplish through the use of the interactive whiteboards
  • Projects and/or activities to implement objectives
  • Evaluation tools that will be used in data collection to determine effectiveness of interactive whiteboard use.

You may write this in paragraph form or use the chart below. Feel free to add pages and/or expand the chart as needed, but all information must be included in this one document.

Applicant 1 Teacher name ___

Goals / Objectives
Projects/ Activities
Evaluation Tools

Applicant 2 Teacher name ___

Goals / Objectives
Projects/ Activities
Evaluation Tools