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Characteristics of life, Biology I, Kim Thompson, Mallard Creek High, 6-16-06
Population Ecology Flipcharts.flp, Biology I, NCSCOS Goal/Objective 5.01, Chad Kelley, South Meck, 5/12/08.

[[file/view/BiochemistryLV.flp|BiochemistryLV.flp]], Biology I, NCSCOS Goal/Objective 2.01, Chad Kelley, South Meck, 2/18/09.

Evolution, Biology 1, NCSCOS Goal/Objective 3.05, Celestine Douglas, International studies at Garinger

Organic Molecules.flp , Biology I, NCSCOS Goal 2.01, Belle Booker, North Meck, 5-21-08

restriction mapping.flp Biology I, NCSCOS 2.01,2.04 DNA, DNA Technology, Julie McConnell, North Meck 6/11/08

Natural Selection and Evolution.flp, Biology I, NCSCOS Goal/Objective 3.05; Rachel Lloyd, Math & Science @ Garinger; May 31, 2008

Chapter 18: Moisture, Clouds,and Precipitation, Earth/Environ.Science;Valda Shearin @Hawthorne; June 2, 2008

Jovian vs. Terre Planets.flp,Earth Environmental Science, NCSCOS Goal 5, Mary Carroll Alexander, International Studies at Garinger, June 5, 2008

Metrics Notes.flp, NCSCOS Goal 1 (Metrics, Graphing, Scientific Method), Annie Toth, Myers Park HS, June 2, 2008.

[[file/view/Classification & Life Processes.flp|Classification & Life Processes.flp]], Biology I, NCSCOS Goals 4.01 & 4.02, Chad Kelley, South Meck, May 1, 2009

[[file/view/Rachel_Carson-_Silent_Spring.flp|Rachel_Carson-_Silent_Spring.flp]], Environmental Science & Biology, downloaded from Promethean Planet by Chad Kelley, South Meck, May 12, 2009.


Acids_and_Bases2.flpChemistry Laura Spencer, Global studies at Olympic

U9_States of Matter.flp, Chemistry, NCSCOS 2.08 Assess the dynamics of physical equilibria, Jacob Standish, Myers Park High School, 5/17/08

alkane nomenclature.flp Alkane nomenclature, IB Chemistry III, topics 11/20, Mike Kowalski NorthMeck 5/28/08


Steve Carr, North Meck Oceanography 5/29/2009

Physical Science

Physical Science NCSCOS Goal 2, Dana Hardeman, Vance, May 2008

, Physics, (circles and universal law of gravitation), Scott Spohler, Myers Park HS, 5/13/09

Physics (Newton's Laws), Scott Spohler, Myers Park High School, 05/13/09. I left some of the math up late in the chart. Fell free to clear annotations as needed.
[[file/view/Natural Resources.flp|Natural Resources.flp]], Earth Environmental Science, Annie Toth, Myers Park High School, 11/8/2010. This is only the basics of energy resources, and focuses on how the work, and pros/cons.