Promethean ActivInspire

The latest update to the Promethean software is here! This page will serve as a resource to help you with the transition to the powerful new software. Be sure to visit Promethean Planet's ActivInspire page to get more information about the software, take the Promethean Learning Transition course to learn what is new in Inspire, and more!

Important Notes about using Inspire

If you have used ActivStudio in the past, all of your flipcharts will work properly in ActivInspire.
Flipcharts created in ActivInspire will NOT open in ActivStudio. The files are not backward-compatible, however, so you will need ActivInspire in order to open flipcharts created in ActivInspire. ActivInspire files are saves with a .flipchart extension at the end, so you can tell if it is an ActivInspire file or ActivStudio file.

Creating Containers in ActivInspire

Kathryn Vaughn (our Teaching and Learning Consultant from Promethean) made a great flipchart on creating Containers in Inspire. The post with the flipchart is located at Promethean Planet here:

Importing pdf files into Inspire
Active Tip from Promethean Planet that shows you how to import pdf files into Inspire. This feature allows you to annotate on the page and have the annotations stay with the document!