This online Wiki will serve as a collaboration point for high school teachers in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. CMS teachers will be able to post Flipcharts they've used in class, discuss engaging classroom activities with other teachers, and troubleshoot various software and hardware issues they may experience. For more information on wikis, visit the What is a Wiki? page.

We will use this wiki as a collaboration tool for our teachers using Promethean Activboards. Please feel free to use the above Discussion tab to post questions and start discussions about the Activboard. Edit any of the pages on the site. Upload your own Flipcharts for others to use. Post links to useful websites.

We will also use this wiki during our trainings. Flipcharts and other important training files will be posted here for use in classes.

Enjoy this online collaboration tool and please contribute to make it a valuable resource to all Charlotte-Mecklenburg teachers!

Fall 3 hour followup for Promethean ActivInspire

Please download the following files PRIOR TO going to training

Refresher Training Files





Phase II High School IWB Microsoft Settlement Grant WINNERS . . .

High School IWB Microsoft Settlement Grant - Spring 2010 WINNERS . . .

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