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Projector Bulbs
When your projector bulbs fail, please send the failed unit to Safety Department through courier #785. Some bulbs have trace amounts of heavy metals in them. The CMS Safety Department will dispose of these properly. They should NOT be thrown in the trash! If you receive a bulb directly from Promethean, it will have instructions for sending the failed bulb back to Promethean. DO NOT send these bulbs to the Safety Department. Follow the instructions and return the bulb as quickly as possible with the requested information concerning bulb hours. If these bulbs are not returned, your school will be charged for the bulb.

Latest Promethean ActivBoard driver (, as of 06/10)

Note: When prompted for USB & Serial connections or USB only, choose USB Only. We do not have any Serial-connected boards in CMS)

Firmware Upgrade to ActivArena for Older Boards

Directions for upgrading Firmware to ActivArena

File to download

PowerPoint presentation from Technical Training, in PDF form (11/09)