Feel free to post questions and answers that you have regarding Activstudio, your laptop, or any other element of the eClassroom. You can also post answers to other people's questions, or make suggestions as well.

How do I plug in my cables?

This document explains how to plug in all of your cables on the AB2v2 Activboard (wall-mounted board installed between August 2008 and September 2009 in CMS).

Connecting HP Mini Note to your board.

This document show how to plug in all of your cables to your HP Mini Note.

Connecting Your Promethean Board to your Desktop Computer using a splitter.

HP Mini Note Display Settings

There is a display issue with the HP Mini 2140 laptop that has been provided by IT with many of the interactive whiteboards. Due to the unusual screen size of the Mini (1024x576), there is a problem when connecting your Promethean projector (or any projector or monitor) to the video out of the Mini laptop (as described in the above document). The unusual screen resolution results in a strange display on the LCD projector (it doesn't show the complete top or bottom of the display.
We have worked with HP to develop a fix for this situation, and our representative is requesting a driver rewrite to fix the issue. We had hoped it would be available before the beginning of school, but that will not be possible.
TO FIX THE ISSUE: With your laptop powered on and projector powered on, press the FN button and the F2 button on your laptop simultaneously (HP Mini 2140 only!). Pressing these keys should cycle through a setting which will turn off the monitor on your laptop, but fix the display on the Promethean board. If not, press FN and F2 simultaneously until it cycles through to that view.
We will continue to work with HP to come to a resolution, and when available, will update the laptops with the updated driver. This solution will work in the meantime.

Calibrating Your Board and Pen

Does your Activpen not line up with the pointer on the board? Recalibrate your board. It takes 10 seconds and makes a huge difference!

Activpen Not Working With Board

If your pen isn't working with your board, there are several things to try.

Projector Remote Isn't Turning The Projector On

1. Point the remote at the black circle on the front of the projector (next to the lens).
2. Press and hold “Menu” and “Image” for 10 seconds.
3. Press the power button. This should reset the code.

Also turn the lights out to ensure that the remote communicates properly to the projector.

Top 5 Lists in Inspire

Inspire has a ton of great features. Promethean has put together a Top 5 list of things related to Inspire that you might be interested in checking out.

Adding Grids to the My Grids portion of the My Resource library

Do you frequently use a particular grid from the resource library and want to have quicker access to it? Sometimes the Shared Resource Library has too much stuff in it to browse through while teaching. Add the Grid to the My Grids section of the My Resource Library. This video shows you how. Resource Library.wmv

Exporting to Powerpoint??

Inspire is currently unable to export to Powerpoint. The best you can do is Export to PDF. You can do this through the Print menu. According to the PrometheanPlanet forum, this feature should be back in future updates

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