ActivPen Issues

If your pen doesn't move your pointer around the screen, there are several steps to take to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Ensure that your USB cable is connected to your laptop and the connection box on the wall or behind the board.
2. Ensure that your board is powered on properly. Look at the flame light at the top left corner of the board and be sure it is on. This will confirm that your board is getting power.
3. Try a different pen. Get a known-working pen from another room, and see if it works on your board. While you're in the other room, try your pen on another board. This will determine if the issue is with your pen.
4. Try a different laptop. Connect a known-working laptop to your board. Does it work properly? This will confirm that the issue is with your laptop and not your board.

If all else fails, take your laptop to your tech contact and ask them to login as a NetAdmin. Once they do, have them install the latest board driver found on the Techs page. This will update the board driver to the latest version, and should take care of the problem.