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One thing people have noticed is that using the trackpad on the laptop can be a bit tricky. I personally keep this Microsoft Notebook 4000 mouse in my bag. -tim

Combining Multiple Flipcharts together

I saw this poston Promethean Planet and thought it was very handy. Often you have a page or two on one flipchart page that is good, but you want to integrate it into another flipchart for another topic (the scoreboard, for example...why recreate it when you can copy and paste it?). This postexplains a couple different ways to combine flipchart pages together.

"Post-It" Effect on the Promethean
Jake Standish saw this at the ActivCarolinas Conference in October and I think it's a great idea! Make a colored rectangle using the shape tool in Inspire. Then, in the properties browser, set the rectangle to "contain anything"... when you write on it, your writing stays with your rectangle, so you can move it around your page! It's just like a post-it! You can also create this, then add it to your "user-defined" area on your toolbar, then pull multiple post-its onto your page at once. A great way to create concept maps! Use the Fill Tool to change the color of your post-its! -Annie Toth

Google Earth in the ActivClassroom
Another great resource from the ActivCarolinas conference. Andy Majors from Dutchman Creek Middle School in Rock Hill, SC led this session, and it's a fantastic resource for sciences & social studies. Check out his PDF file with ideas and instructions on how to integrate Google Earth into your ActivClassroom. Promethean Planet Forum Scroll down about 2/3 of the page to find the file.

For those of you trying to use MathType with your board, the following support site may be helpful.
MathType Support

Tips & Tricks
This is the flipchart I created for the CMS EETT Seminar in August 2010. Promethean Level II Tips-Tricks-LessonCreation.flipchart