Summer '09 Inspire Flipcharts

Use this page as a discussion place for items that need to be changed/updated/etc in the Inspire training flipcharts. I know we could use the Discussion page, but this is not listed on the site, so it won't get "messy" for others.

As you see things that need to be changed, put it here and I'll get to them! -- tim

Here's my first pass at it...

Getting Started I:

  1. Should each object be locked? Or is it a useful training tool to show how easy it is to reset a page? They will be locked, but I'm leaving them unlocked for now to make changes more easily.
  2. Page 6: Highlighters: “To change width: Use the slider or click o the preview icon.” Should be “on” Fixed.
  3. “Your turn!” What happened to “Have a go”?!!! : ) I debated this, but decided to change it. Although I do like "Have a go!" Should we change it back?
  4. Page 10: The Select Tool “Be sure to tap the Select tool, then put the pen over a blan area of the page. There will be an arrow for a pointer.” Should be “blank” Fixed.

Getting Started II:

  1. Page 12: Moving objects from page to page. “Drag the ladder from this page to the thumbnail of the next page.” The image is of a cat.Fixed.

Working with Images: The camera tool. Should you add a blank page after the page where they use the camera tool so that they have somewhere to place their snapshot? Take a look at it now. I shrunk the Potato Head and added directions to paste the Snapshot next to Potato Head on the page. Is that more clear?

Working with text:

I just discovered that the keyboard now allows you to use microsoft shortcut keys like “alt + tab” to go to other applications and “ctrl + shift + esc” to see the task manager! That’s really cool. Otherwise I like the flipchart as is.Hadn't noticed it, but hadn't tried. One thing I have noticed is that you can turn on and off the Browser by pressing Control-B, which is helpful on a standard 4:3 monitor. Our laptop screens are widescreen, and I really like keeping the browser open to prep lessons. Promethean has a new version of the board coming out this fall that is widescreen, so I'm interested to see how that works out. Not sure if we'll get it or the traditional sized one. tim

Working With the Resource Library:
Will everyone have a library configured? It has been an issue in the past. When I tested it using Generic login, all of the Resource Library worked correctly. All of the teachers in the Inspire class will also get a Mini laptop and will have a local cmsuser login. They won't have Admin rights (can't install software), but can access all of their C: drive, so should not have issues getting to the Resource Library either.
Wow, there are a lot of new ones!
This flipchart looks great.

Drawing Tools
Inconsistencies with snap to grid… that explains a lot of issues I’ve had this spring. What are we going to tell the trainees about this issue?
Connector Tool : Note of frustration: I tried to make connectors with arrow heads so the heads weren’t quite touching the images. This resulted in them not being linked to the image. If you put the connector in the image the arrow heads get buried under the image unless you move the connector to the top layer… something trainees won’t know about yet. I noticed that, but didn't notice that (does that make sense?). We'll have to point that out sometime when we cover Layers.

Working With Numbers
Title page objectives includes fraction creator... Not in the tutorial. I thought they decided to do away with that anyway?...That was left over from the old training flipcharts...I've deleted it. Thanks for noticing!
Also, note that you can use multiple rulers and protractors in Inspire. May be helpful.

Additional Tools

Does the new program have the Active Marker for Microsoft? Will we be training on it's use? No ActivMarker that I can find. Check that- found it, but it's in the Start Menu in the Inspire program group. Right now there is no shortcut to it in SSO, so I'm gonna skip it for now. We'll get it added in SSO and cover it at a user group or other event.

Actions Introduction
Actions: "
This gives you lots of creative possibilities for engaging creating Flipcharts for your students." engaging creative? Engagingly creative? :) I fixed it to be "for creating engaging Flipcharts..."
Creating Actions: "You will also need to switch to Design Mode edit existing Actions."
You will also need to switch to Design Mode
to edit existing Actions. Fixed. Thanks!
Linking to Files: My directory isn't in the same location and the one you refer to is Active Studio. Are they going to have it filed under studio? Dang...I didn't bring home one of the laptops that they'll get, so I don't know why yours is different than mine. I changed the directions to be more general, and we'll adapt in class.

Property Settings and Restrictors
Adjust the position of an object:
"Try adjusting the position of the post cart" card. Also, I can't get the card to invert or flip. I drew my own grouped objects and had no problems... Shortly after trying to adjust the properties of the post card, Inspire shuts down. I don't know what is going on here but it happens every time I try changing it's properties. Not sure why that was that way. I drug it from the Resource Library, but honestly never tested it (put that flipchart together about 1:00 AM last night!) I put a new image there that works fine. Mine didn't crash on me, but I have had some crashing when I'd adjusted font properties. Something to watch for and report online.

I'll repost all the Flipcharts later this afternoon. I'm going to be coping them to 70 flash drives this afternoon as well, so unless I see a couple other things that need to be changed, we'll just deal with the errors during the training and fix them for July and August.
Many thanks for all the feedback!