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Logical Statements and Reasoning, Geometry, and NCSCOS
Found by Lew Davidson, Mallard Creek HS, and Posted May 16, 2008
Here is a Flp Lesson we can use in Geometry. It illustrates the use of an erase to reveal an answer A neat feature is a "Page Notes" icon to immediately inform the reader of the existence of a "Page Note". Please see the upper left corner of the first chart. Enjoy! Lew

Flipchart: Law of SInes
Meana Hastings, East Meck HS, May 17, 2008
This is a flipchart that helps show students see visually how SSA has different possibilities by looking at the different lengths of the side of the triangle. On the page for the ambiguous case, drag the line segments to the vertex. Then rotate the segment down towards the base to show how you can get no triangle, one triangle or two triangles. This really seems to help my students "SEE" what I was talking about.

Lisa Ashe
Math Teacher
Vance High School
I used this flip chart to introduce factoring. It uses area models and tiles to teach the concept of factoring. There are a couple of videos and links included in the flipchart.

Kathy Berlin
Math Teacher
Providence High School
I used this flipchart to review special right triangles used in area problems in after school Geometry relooping.

Flipchart: EOC Review, Algebra 1B - Goal 3
Elizabeth Dorr, Hawthorne High School, 5/18/08
This flipchart uses containers and reward sounds to help students receive immediate feedback on their responses.

Barbara Healey
Math Teacher
Bailey MS 6th grade
This flipchart is intended to introduce the basic properties of math including Commutative, Associative and Distributive properties.

Linda Thompson, Mallard Creek HS, Algebra 2 Obj 2.09

Joseph Hollington, Mallard Creek HS, Algebra I
This is a basic flip chart that introduces systems of equations by graphing

Flipchart: Exploring Slope Algebra IB
Annette Harrison
Butler High School
I created this chart to help students understand the how slope and the graph correspond.

Flipchart: Translations and reflections, Geometry
Allison Spohn
Butler High School
This flipchart uses the Ch 9 ancillary from the Instructional Web and incorporates matrix transformations.

Jaime Massey, International Business and Communication Studies at Olympic High School
Algebra 2 Obj 1.05 and 2.09, Posted June 3, 2008
This flipchart provides a warm-up; links to power points of notes on Direct and Inverse Variation; and a link to a power point of notes on Circles.

Flipchart: Polynomial Functions (Algebra2 Lesson 7.1)
This flipchart is a beginning lesson involving degress, zeros, and evaluating polynomial functions.
Posted June 4, 2008
Rita James
Providence High

Flipchart: Geometry Vocabulary
Carol Faulk-Ketchie
Homework 2011, Independence High School

Rebecca Miller Mallard Creek High - Geometry
This is a flip chart on quadrilaterals

The Inverse
Honors Pre-Calculus, NCSCOS 2.04
Lew Davidson, Mallard Creek HS, June 13, 2008
This flipchart on the inverse function may be used standalone or as a prelude to the Online Class text book that I use from the CMS Instructional Web. {Go to the Honors Pre-Calculus ICON. That online material is easily navigated and projects well very on the board. It has been very effective for my students." Please note that there are many "notes" to explain how I use the charts. Every page with note content has an open book ICON showing above the vertical list of Activstudio ICONs on the right side of the page. Please click on that ICON to see the note or please can click on the "N" in the upper right corner. I welcome any feedback to Cheers

Graphical Approach to Limits, AP Calculus
Jessie Dennis, Hough High School, July 24, 2011

Displaying Distributions with Graphs, AP Statistics
Leslie Belcher, Hough High School, July 26, 2011

Section 1.1 First Day.flipchart

Beginning Functions - AFM
Mary Teal Aug 10,2011