Erin Wiese's first flipchart made at Promethean training.

Shawn Whitney South Charlottle Middle [[middleschool#|School]]

Flipchart about current problems in Africa.

Linda Chandler Bradley Middle [[middleschool#|School]]
This is a flipchart that allows students to explore the powers of ten and how it can be used to simplify computational math.

Cindy [[middleschool#|Farmer]] - JM Alexander Middle 6th grade math
This is a [[middleschool#|flip chart]] for the classic "Mangoes" problem that I will use with math teachers during the August Math Institute. I have used layering and adjusted the transparency of an object, links to webpage, notes, and hidden text revealed with object actions. This is homework for the beginning [[middleschool#|[[middleschool#|class]]]].

Erin McClain- Bradley Middle School
Spanish- Flipchart on Cognates and False Cognates

Courtney McHugh Mint Hill Middle Math

Deb Todd Bradley Middle School
The following is a flipchart that I will use the first day of school to introduce students to middle school. There are links to files and a team scorechart in this flipchart.
This is the homework for the beginning class

Deb Todd Bradley Middle School
The following flipchart is Investigation 1.2 from Grade 6 Prime Time Connected Math. It includes a container activity and a magic tunnel activity using restrictors. This is the homework for the advanced class.

Kerry Herrig Bradley Middle School- Homework for beginning class.
The Scientific Method- Observations vs. Inferences
Jenny Pendleton - Science; homework for beginner's class
Pat Rossi Bradley Middle School Homework for beginning class.
Bradley Middle School first day; homework for beginner's class
Amy Sparks - Language Arts - Bradley Middle School - week 1 warm-ups
Leisa Christian - Language Arts - Bradley Middle School - Context Clues Warm-Up (homework for beginner's class)
Leisa Christian - Language Arts - Bradley Middle School - Francis Bradley Unit (homework for advanced class)
Ann Rust - Language Arts - Bradley Middle School - Stem Word Contract (homework for beginner's class)
Mary Jane Ryan- 6th grade Math- Bradley Middle School- Intro to Probability (homework for beginner's class)
Lauren Davis - Bradley Middle 6th grade math - Number Properties
Kim Kudli - Bradly Middle 7th grade math - Integers
Nancy Kuzniar - Bradley Middle 8th grade Science
Amy Ryan- Bradley Middle School 7th grade Mathematics (Homework for Beginner's Class)

Elizabeth Nordhoff - Bradley Middle School 8th Grade Math - Aug 25 outline
Brooke Barrows, Technology Facilitator, South Charlotte MS, Beginner: Advanced:
Kevin Wenzel First Flipchart- Intro and some Pythagorean Theorem
Lori Hall's First Flipchart (homework from Beginner's Class)
Katrina Thomas ( Johnson)- Bradley Middle School 7th Grade

Levon Edwards - Morehead STEM Academy 7th Grade
Liz Romanek-NWSA first flip chart
Zakariah Wernecke - First flip chart used in class - 6th grade math
Sara Cole - Bailey Middle School 7th Grade. This is a Jeopardy flipchart for punctuation.