Promethean Terminology

This page will serve as a glossary of frequently-used terms relating to the Promethean hardware and software.

The product name of our interactive whiteboards.

Promethean’s ActivExpression is the world’s most versatile student response system with full sentence and character texting options, providing students with a range of response types as vast and dynamic as the thoughts they are waiting to convey.

A classroom assessment tool. Students can respond to a question wirelessly by selecting an answer on their handsets.

Promethean software designed for younger users. Available for PC and Mac.

A wireless tablet, used to control the computer cursor remotely.

Promethean software designed for higher level users. Available for PC and Mac.

IEEE 802.15.1. And industry specification for wireless personal area networks. We use this technology in some products to provide wireless systems, such as ACTIVlink.

A data or electrical wire or lead.
Calibrate: The process of aligning the board so that the tip of the Activpen lines up with the pointer on the board. Occasionally the pointer doesn't line up with the image, causing issues trying to move things around the screen. To fix this, recalibrate your board, essentially teaching your computer where the LCD projector image is hitting the board.

A frequency range used by a radio device.

The plug or socket on the end of a cable, designed to provide and interface to another device.

Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device. The firmware contains the program that controls the hardware device.

A USB radio transceiver that when connected to a computer supports the use of a voting kit or ACTIVslate when no ACTIVboard is present.

Setting up software or hardware to operate in an environment.

InfraRed, radio at a certain wavelength, used for communication by the, now discontinued, IR slate.

Because the light from a projector is projected at an angle, it is usually necessary to compensate for this distortion; this is called keystone, and involves resizing specific sides of the image.

The ‘light bulb’ in the projector that is the source of light.

The configuration of lenses and mirrors inside a projector that control the image.

A socket on a computer, or usually used to describe a communications port on a computer, the serial socket on a computer usually uses COM Port 1. Serial to USB adaptors can use higher COM numbers.

A mouse/keyboard interface first used in IBM PS/2 range of PCs.

Power Supply Unit, the name of the device controlling power in an electrical device.

To switch the power off and then back on. On a computer you should use the operating systems applicable method of restarting.

Radio frequency, Activote and Activslate XR use radio frequencies to communicate.

A cable conforming to the RS232 standard with 9 pins. Serial connectors are used on many Promethean products.

Erratic cursor behavior when using the pen on an interactive whiteboard.

Separate video or Super video. This carries video data on 2 channels, brightness and color. Supports a high picture quality.

A radio device that both transmits and receives. An RF transceiver is built in to the Activboard 50, 64, 78 and 95. An additional RF transceiver needs to be attached externally to the Activboard 48, 60 and 75 to support the use of Activote and Activslate.

To remove, usually software, from a computer.

Universal Serial Bus. A newer standard for connecting devices to computers. This allows the ability to “hot swap”, or automatically detect devices and remove devices while a computer is switched on.

The operator of a computer. Users can exist in multiple levels depending on their permissions or privileges.

Video Graphics Adaptor, while VGA can also mean “Video Graphics Array” it is more commonly used to refer to VGA cables. These are the up to 15 pin cables that can connect display devices like monitors and projectors.

A newer Promethean product, the Activwand is basically a longer pen, see the main site for more details.